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Welcome to Ridgeway




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There’s no need to search for loose change! For convenience and to save time, we have gone cashless and only take debit and credit cards, including contactless payment with digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Booking golf has never been easier. Our new online system provides the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to book tee times at Ridgeway.
Ridgeway members can download the BRS app making booking even easier.

  1. Select the date you wish to play.
  2. Select the tee time.
  3. Select the players.
  4. Confirm the booking.
    An email will then be sent to all players.

Course Opening Hours

8.00 am – 5.00pm

Visitors Pay To Play

£13.50 Per Round

Adult Membership

Senior Membership

18 to 25 Membership

Junior membership

Opened in 1996 Ridgeway is a challenging nine-hole course,  very much the archetypal hidden gem. So much so that, despite its relatively short existence and location next to some of the bigger names in South Wales golfing circles, society golfers and visiting groups are advised to book in advance in order to secure a suitable tee time. The course is always in good condition and provides a memorable round. After your game, you can relax in the clubhouse and mingle with the locals who are a friendly bunch. A 22-bay driving range is also on site.


If you are new to Ridgeway you may find these videos useful to watch.


Welcome to our Driving Range

9.00am to 8.00pm (11.00am Wednesdays)

Last Token 7.30pm



Range Opening Hours

9.00 am – 8.00pm
11.00 am – Wednesdays
Last Token 7.30pm

Range Prices

60 Mixed Grade Balls    £4.00
Automated Power Tee  £1.00

Range Offers

Add Bottle of Beer/Lager £3.00
(Save 60p)
Add Speciality Coffee £1.50
(Save 90p)
Add Soft Drink £1.00
( Save 30p) 


Ridgeway FAQ's












What different categories of membership does the Club offer?

Paty 2 Play

Does the Club have an entry fee for membership?
No, there is currently no entry fee required to join Ridgeway

Are non-golfers able to use the Clubhouse facilities throughout the week?

What do I wear?
Ridgeway Golf Course has a very relaxed dress code. We just ask all customers to wear a t-shirt or golf polo, along with pants or shorts. This is a family-friendly facility, so please be appropriate.

Do I need my own clubs?
Yes, every player will need their own set of clubs. We do not have clubs for hire at the moment.

How do I get a handicap?
Having joined Ridgeway, CONGU requires that, to get a handicap, a player must submit cards for 54 holes marked by another person. The rounds must be played at Ombersley Golf Club over 9 or 18 holes. We will then adjust the returned scores so that a lady never records more than 3 over par and a man never more than 2 over par on any individual hole. The maximum handicap for men and ladies is 54. There is no minimum score required to achieve a maximum handicap.

Golf Etiquette
Do your best to keep up with the group in front of you. If your group starts to lose sight of the group playing in front of you, and the group playing behind you is right on your tail, let them “play through” as soon as it is convenient, on the next tee box preferably.

If you hit a wayward shot, and it looks like it is heading in the general direction of other people, OR you can’t see the area where the ball will land, ALWAYS yell FORE!! Fore is the universal symbol for “duck” in golf, so players know to keep their head down or take cover. Safety is just as important as anything else on the golf course.

Play “Ready Golf” to improve the pace of play. If you are ready to play your shot, and nobody else in your group is ready to hit their shot, feel free to hit your ball as long as it is safe to do so.

Keep quiet while other players are standing over their ball. Talking or laughing while other people are hitting can be distracting, and is generally considered rude.

Leave the golf course as you find it. When you remove the pin from the hole, replace it. When you have to hit out of the bunker, rake the sand. If you take a large divot out of the fairway, replace the piece of grass. If your ball lands on the green and creates a ball mark, fix it.

Be kind & courteous to your fellow players. Playing poorly or being in a bad mood is not a good reason to ruin the day of the players around you.

HAVE FUN. The more fun you can have, the more relaxed you’ll be, the better you’ll play, and the more fun you’ll have. Spread the word, it’s contagious.

What’s a tee time & how do I make one?

How to schedule a tee time
The phrase “tee time” indicates the exact time your group will be on the 1st tee box, ready to play golf. Be prepared to arrive at the golf course 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time to check-in, get snacks, warm-up, etc.

We recommend always making a tee time as opposed to just walking into the Clubhouse asking to play, to ensure your group can get out and onto the golf course. Tee times can be scheduled up to one week in advance at Fairfield Hills, and we generally limit groups to 4 players.

How long does it take to play golf?

Ridgeway is a challenging 9 hole course, it will take approximately 2 hours to complete.